We are a Think Tank focussing
on the movement
of non-financial and social value


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To understand intangible value we need to track and measure its impact.
Does value flow like a liquid? Is it indestructible like energy?
How do you capture and transact value?
Our aim is to promote a currency of non-financial value, to achieve parity 
with financial currency, and thereby articulate total value.
CCEG Director Prof Olinga Ta'eed delivering keynote at  Socialchefens, Sweden 2015
Premium global brands subscribe to CCEG
Seratio provides global SaaS services for value measurement
CCEG Multistakeholder Citizenship Map
Curreny of Intangibles
S/E Ratio Acceleration of Value
Capacity Development at micro-meso-macro levels
Social Value and  Intangibles Review
Workshop at SOCIAL VALUE & PROCUREMENT: Transparency in Supply Chains conference, London March 2016
Social Impact Analysis - Report for The Loomba Foundation
Social Value in Public Procurement Report
CCEG chairs and organises Guildhall event for 450 VIP guests (London, October 2013)
CCEG participates in China-UK Dialogue
CCEG applied research centre
CCEG global advisory services
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