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CCEG is a broad and open church embracing all those with an interest in social value and impact metrics, creating an online portal for the dissemination and debate of the key ideas thought leaders around the world.
Developing a new institutional culture the Centre will run private and public conferences, workshops and debates; establish a new international multi-disciplinary peer reviewed academic journal; and promote the discussion of total value through a quarterly magazine publication, the Social Value & Intangibles Review. The ambition is significant and CCEG aims to grow an international convening influence to attract government leaders and the best experts in all related fields. 
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Thought Leadership

We publish regularly in both peer reviewed REF academic journals as well as through broader channels. Whilst academic rigour is welcome, we ensure contribution to the value debate is unencumbered by ensuring least amount of barriers.


New Book - New Journal

For the next 2017 and 2018 we have planned a book and an academic peer reviewed journal. Do you want to contribute?


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CCEG Thought Leadership
Keynote at Diaspora Conference, Moldova 2016
Academic Publications
Sociální Politiky commentary April 2016
Birmingham Social Value Pathfinder Project - Infogram
Internal Reports

Not a day goes by when we don’t have a discussion that sparks our imagination. It is exciting times. If you contact us about a new subject, the chances are that we may have already written an internal report which we will gladly share with you.


External Reports

We are commissioned on a regular basis to produce ground breaking direction. We love to engage and learn from each other.


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CCEG Blog -

Regular thought provoking contributions from both the great and the good, to the humble and undiscovered. Don’t wait to be invited – if you have something to say and it’s relevant, let us know.


Forum -

We enjoy the constant challenge and questioning of our ideas from which we believe a spark of truth will emerge.


'Futures' Tumblr -

A futuristic projection of where the measurement of non-financial values will take our society. Our Resident Artist reflects on the more controversial side to the measurement of intangibles....Can you measure love? ...Should you?...

Blogs & Forums

Intangibles Future tumblr
Debating forums at
Blogs & Forums

Media Relations

International news coverage of Social Earnings Ratio
Open Source sharing under Creative Commons 4.0 for non-commercial uses
Media Contacts

We don’t want to be the best kept secret in the world. Value applied to everything, and we have expert opinion on it. We are often quoted in the world’s press.


Journalist Information

We are developing a media pack to send out together with our press releases and newsletters which. Like Wikipedia, we publish under an open source license all our materials.

Media Relations
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