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There is value in everything. In organic phenomena, in organisations, projects, processes, products, nations, individuals, our feelings and even in our thoughts.
At a very simplistic level, impact is that outcome created through actions, that is, the impact of interventions. For instance, social impact is the effect of an activity on the social fabric of the community and well-being of the individuals and families; social value is what is created. There is thus a growing need to measure not inputs but outcomes, often intangible and non-financial.
Public procurement advisory services
Modern Slavery advisory services
Public Procurement

Public procurement – CCEG can support the public procurement process with guidance and advice as to how to generate maximum value from public contracts, for example through defining, assessing, measuring, reporting and monitoring delivery of social value agreed objectives


Transparency in Supply Chains

What constitutes modern slavery? How do we recognise it, adjudicate on it, legislate? This isn’t about counting evil acts, but about devaluing a person – that we can have metrics for. We can also track the diversion of value from the supply chain to the shareholder. We supply systems to support transformational legislation and to improve the behaviour of corporates, organisations and people


Wealth of Nations

Most countries now have introduced instruments, as such the 2% CSR Law in Mauritius, Indonesia and India,  to bridge the gap between diminishing budgets and increasing social demands. We advise governments globally on blended interventions, and hold conferences to debate the wealth of nations.


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Public Policy
Wiki University

CCEG's growing network of universities and research bodies are constantly testing and developing the suite of impact metrics with a rigour and independence unrivalled in the private sector



MOOCs - the CCEG Massive Open Online Courses raise awareness of this emerging field and share insights into value metrics and disseminate the ‘how’ as well as the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of impact measurement


Intellectual Capital

What is the value of our education and research? For students, for mature enrolments, for researchers and their publications, our degree programmes, for our universities and further education colleges? We are on a quest to fathom the intricate interrelationships and to benchmark them.


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CCEG Wiki-University network
Karam Hinduja workshop, UoN Business School 2015
Educational Products
Commercial Products
Disruptive Ideas and Movements

Our work is often described as “disruptive”, “courageous”, “pioneering”, “mind blowing”. We want to harvest the best in class in social innovation and showcase them.


Neutral, No Agenda, Agnostic

In keeping with our own provenance, we are not here to pass judgement but to promote and develop ideas that lead to a better world


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Bevan Foundation Review - Holland House Movement
Post Riots ... One Year On - Creating a Social Impact Market Place
Social Innovation
S/E Ratio Currency of Intangible Value
Corollary to the Dollar

So if the dollar is the currency of financial value, what is the currency of non-financial value? Without this basic concept, measurement of intangibles will always be a shot in the dark



We need a universally adopted symbol to articulate non-financial value which can articulate in every country, every culture,  in every script, and on every keyboard


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Modelling Paradigms
Is Value a Natural Phenomena?

To understand value we need to find phenomena that mirrors it behaviour. We examine fluid dynamics, energy, financial and other paradigms to develop a deeper understanding of the complexities.


How Does Value Behave?

Our research examines the KPI’s that appear to govern the behaviour of transacting and moving value. Our team of international researchers challenge daily the epistemology


Formulae and Correlations

One you can digitise value, you can model and correlate data against its dependencies. Forecasting is our ultimate goal.


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Social Earnings Ratio Metric Success
Social Earnings Ratio live tracking
Relationship Value prodigy metric
Turning sentiment into financial value
In Development

We have c. 36 prodigy metrics identified for development, half of which are in our R&D programme, of which 6 are scheduled for release in 2016


The Process

We have a rigorous academic process which includes development, piloting, analysis and submission to an independent committee for approval


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Prodigy Metrics
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