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Global Citizens Forum - Conference

The Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance is pleased to announce it’s participation in the Global Citizens Forum (GCF) for June’s Going Global@London conference. CCEG’s Director, Professor Olinga Ta’eed, a friend and colleague of GCF’s founder Dr Modi for over a decade, will be delivering the Keynote speech at this unique conference, as well as the Call to Action at conference end.


Going Global@ London

The Dorchester, 30th June 2013


The Global Citizen Forum (GCF) is an initiative of Futurepreneur and Founder-Chairman, Spice Global, Dr. B.K. Modi who has been a regular feature on the Forbes Billionaire list. Dr Modi has always lived and worked on the philosophy of challenging conventional wisdom.  A passionate advocate of Global citizenship and an interconnected world, he launched GCF on the premise that technology has precipitated the creation of a global village. Since its inception in Singapore in February 2013, the forum has attempted to spread this message with events in India, China, Malaysia and Dubai by engaging opinion on issues impeding global growth and providing solutions based on dialogue.


In continuation to its primary objective of spreading global awareness, GCF will be organizing its London event on 30th June-2013, titled ‘Going Global @ London’.


The event would provide a platform to debate and deliberate upon several global issues based on the founding principles of GCF, and would be graced by eminent speakers from various walks and disciplines in Great Britain. Conceptualized as a by-product of globalization, GCF would attempt to explore the extent to which Global Consciousness has manifested in society at various personal and professional levels.


As this awareness has started to play a key role in the decision making process, it has resulted in the homogenization of cultures across nations. GCF shall attempt to trace the role of technology in inducing this cultural similarity by making information freely available and the impact it has in defining the future by creating social value for organizations.


A key sub-theme of the conference in London will be the contribution of the Commonwealth  in creating a unified global communication structure through the English language. As the official global language, what advantages do English speakers have in the international market? Subsequently, are native English speakers optimally utilizing this to gain global experience through study and work abroad opportunities? The role of emigration in the development of youth thus begins to gain prominence.


Instead of being considered as a national loss of human capital, can migration of British youth be looked upon a positive force that can contribute to rapid economic development in the UK?  Such a shift in viewpoint is bound to strain the current legal and cultural framework that restrains emigration. GCF London conference shall seek to provide a common platform for decision makers from the field of education, business and government to reconsider current practices and harness this force to lay the foundation of a more globally competitive and skilled English workforce.


Guest Lecture: The Case of the EU

Prof. Stefan Schepers, Co-founder and Director of EPPA (Brussels) and AEAC (Johannesburg) is to host a guest lecture on Thursday 13th June 2013 at 6pm.



More details and bookings can be found: HERE

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